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Glorious Glamorous beautiful Shoes

beautiful Glamorous Shoes
I love shoes. When I was just a little girl, I read two fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm that had a profound effect on my little-girl, developing psyche. The one "The Girl Who Trod on a Loaf", was a cautionary tale about the cost of the pride. The other, "The Red Shoes", was another cautionary tale about the high cost of pride. They both also involved young girls, girls of just about my age, and beautiful shoes.
The moral conclusion was obvious - lusting after beautiful shoes, and being prideful about owning them would send my poor little soul straight to you-know-where. I didn't find many cautionary tales about grown women and beautiful shoes, so I decided that growing up would mitigate the curse. I also concluded the only truly safe thing to do was actually to buy the shoes. That way I could completely avoid lusting after them, and simply enjoy them. Much better solution!

love shoes
love girls shoes

The Red Shoes
"The Red Shoes" treatise has become synonymous with addictions of all kinds, but having a thing for red shoes doesn't necessarily make one an addict. Does it? Really? I think not.
But, I digress. Red shoes are a wardrobe necessity for any fashion forward female. So are black shoes, green shoes, brown shoes, spectator pumps, peep-toes, sling-backs, and every kind of print you can imagine.
Metallics are still very big, and embellishments range from modest studding to fanciful, jewelry-like decorations.

girls Shoes
beauty girls Shoes

Gone are the days of a simple, self-fabric bow or toe-buckle, though stylish flats are often decorated with an up-dated version in a contrasting fabric or metallic finish.
Punch-work and leather tooling in intricate, delicate designs on soft suede-like finishes is very popular, as is the wide range of styles available in shiny patent leather.

Glorious Shoes
Glorious girls Shoes

Both are the perfect compliment to any daytime wardrobe, but move easily into night-time wear.
Nine West's line of daytime semi-formal court pumps are simply great with an up-town power suit, but they work equally well under a classy pant and co-ordinating blazer ensemble.
Jeans have definitely gone upscale and Spring's classy Bonfire peep-toe beautifully lengthens the leg. The early warming trends will be all the more delightful with a comfy yet classic sandal.

Glorious Glamorous beautiful Shoes
Glorious Glamorous beautiful Shoes girls

Glorious beautiful Shoes
beautiful Shoes

latest Glorious beautiful Shoes
lovely beautiful Shoes

The trendy Capri pants of last summer will be back, updated, and super for a casual weekend or an afternoon outing. Take them to town or country with a great pair of espadrilles, or suede flats.
Pair them up with a fab pair of patent boots for a totally glam look, or with knee-high fleece-lined suede for a casual effect.

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