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fitness exercises make bigger beautiful your butt

exercise for fitness
Lets face it, men prefer nice round size buttocks and women do to. It’s a sign that you are in good shape. When a woman enters a room a guy will check her out as she's coming and going. When you enter a room they will mainly like at your eyes, lips, hips, chest, you get the idea. To seal the deal and have a guy hooked is when your leaving. If you a have a flat butt; a guy will stop checking you out after one look at that flat bottom. On the other hand if that behind is nice and round leaving no space in those jeans, he'll be telling his friends about what he just witness (warning! you don't wanna hear what he got to say about it, but its a good thing trust me). To put it simple you want a nice round firm buttock not a flat loose plain one. There are ways to make your buttocks round and firm. Here are some simple and fun ways to get your butt into shape.

Improving posture
You can start by improving your posture. Throw your shoulders backs and arch your lower back. This will make your butt look more noticeable as you walk. This method will also strengthen your core muscles (a good core is very important) supporting your spine. It also makes you appear slimmer and more confident. So having good posture is very important.

Get off your Butt
Getting active is key ingredient to getting a curvier bottom. Sitting on your butt all day and eating is not going to work, if anything is just going to make your butt big, soggy and unappealing and that's not what we're trying to do. There are plenty of actives that women enjoy doing that get their bottoms in shape.

exercises for fitness

Ladies stop standing around holding the wall up and get out on the dance floor or go play "Just Dance". Dancing help strengthens the bones and muscle without hurting your joints, improve posture and balance, increase stamina and flexibility. Be confident knowing that the guys are checking you out. So don't be that girl that stands around a watch other girl dance and then have the nerve to make smart commons about them, at least their having a good time. There are all kinds of dances out there that you can try such as belly dancing, chair dancing, or pole dancing, which uses the lower part of your body to steady themselves as they move across the floor, descend from the pole, or to move and grove in the chair. These dances involves the hips, buttocks, hamstring, and quadriceps, so it wouldn't hurt to give them a try.

body fitness exercises
physical fitness exercise

Roller skating
Roller skating is a fun way to tone your backside. It is an aerobic exercise that works every muscle of the body. Its low impact so it won't be as bad on your joints as with other exercises. The most important part is that is can tone your bum as well as give you great looking hips. Also you may ending spending hours at the skating rink; so can you imagine home many calories you'll burn skating with your friends (not to mention meeting cute guys).

aqua fitness exercises

You want to add muscle to your butt to make it more round and firm instead of soggy. The proper exercises along with the proper diet will get you the best results. Exercises that works the buttocks would be:
  • Squats- This exercise is said to be the best exercise that will work your butt, hips and thighs. Stand with your feet parallel and shoulder width apart and slowly lower your hips. Return back to the starting point once your knees begin to go pass your toes.
  • Lunges Just like the squats, lunges work all of your major muscles of your lower body. With a straight back, take a big step forward. Your front knee should be at a 90 degree angle. Keep the weight on your back toes and drop the back knee towards the floor(don't let the back knee touch the floor). Return to the starting position and switch legs. Note, adding weight to this exercise(like a 15 pound weight) will give you better results.
  • Step Back- This move is pretty much like a reverse lunge, but your going to need weights(nothing to heavy). Your going to take one step back into the lunge position. Make sure your knees don't go pass your toes. Squeeze your buttocks while you step back.
These are just a few exercises that will your buttocks, there are plenty out. Also squats and lunges has several variations that will target your butt muscles.

Sports are another thing that will get your butt in good shape due the amount of leg work that is required. Play a nice one-on-one game of basketball or football with your boyfriend. You could play guys versus girl’s game of volley ball. Tennis would be another sport that'll provide a good workout, just look at Serena Williams. Some prefer taking a run to clear their head. Soccer is an all leg sport so you should get the idea that I'm driving at.

military fitness exercises
army fitness exercises

Swimming works most of the muscles in your body and with not as much strain on your body. No matter which stroke you use to get across the pool you need to use your whole entire leg. It helps shape your body by massaging your skin and muscle ridding you of unwanted fat. There are techniques that will work your butt and thigh, for example marching in place and water jumping jacks Best part is that you may find yourself swimming for hours burning so many calories. So take a dive and do a few laps.

fitness exercise ball

Yoga Exercises 
Yoga is used to relax the mind and increase flexibility, but it is also a great way to tone your butt. It is made of resistance training and other fat burner exercises. It involves poses that is meant to strengthen the whole leg. Some pose like the "table top" and the "bridge pose" are highly effective for the butt. So if you're looking to tighten your bum as well as stretching and strengthening your abdominal area, yoga is a good place to start.

fitness training programs

Your Activities
Other activities may include jogging, hiking, or fencing,. The point is to at least spend a half hour or maybe a whole hour doing some type of activity. For those of you who may have a hectic schedule and have a less than an hour to spare, you can try some a home fitness workout routine that is designed to improve your core and butt muscles. As long as you remain active I'm certain you'll have the body you've been searching for.

What makes a perfect butt
Some women complain that their butt is too small. That may not be the case; truth is that you may have too much fat that you butt isn't noticeable. For example, you may have love handles, so when look at your butt in the mirror it's hard to notice where butt begins (if that makes sense). The point is that you need curves not a bigger butt. So if you got a muffin top or thunder thighs, you may want to work getting toned instead a bigger butt.

benefits of fitness and exercise

Proper diet
A proper diet is very important when building muscle. Eating junk foods can cause health problems making your efforts useless. So you want to try to consume protein, complex carbs and your fruits and veggies. It is also important to eat every two to three hours. If you don’t know what complex carbs are examples would be foods like sweet potatoes, lettuce, corn, oatmeal, whole wheat bread, pasta, oranges, plumes, pears, and grapefruit. I hope this article help you ladies get the shape you always wanted.

exercise and fitness


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