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Stylistic Salwar Kameez Designs

Stylistic Salwar Kameez
White Salwar Kameez 
The origin of salwar kameez can be traced back to the 12th Century and can be said to be an offspring of the Islamic movements. Salwar Kameez is generally worn by people in South East Asia and also Middle East. Salwar Kameez is also the national dress of Pakistan. Therefore, the salwar kameez that is made in Pakistan tends to be very beautiful and unique as they spend a lot of resource on developing new salwar kameez deigns. Salwar Kameez is also worn by the mass in Bangladesh on a daily basis as well as on special occasions. Bangladesh’s fashion industry is heavily reliant on salwaar kameez and indeed they make extraordinary designs in their boutique houses. Indian people also wear salwaar kameez and many beautiful salwar kameez materials come from India.

Although salwar kameez is regarded as a unisex garment, the various styles and designs that developed mainly affected the salwar kameez worn by females. Salwar is a pant-like trouser that has its own distinctive characteristic which is that it is rather lose around the junction of the thighs and is gathered there by the means of pleats and gradually it narrows down at the ankles.
Originally salwar used to be lose and airy and used to be tied at the waist by the means of a drawstring. However, hundreds and hundreds of years in the history of salwars brought many changes to the shape of salwar. Indeed there are some salwars that hug the legs like a second skin. Kameez also went through its own evolution too. Kameez were originally a long tunic-like top to be worn on top of lose salwar. Slowly the concept of kameez evolved and now there are kameezes that come in different length and width. Salwaar kameez is now regarded as a sensuous attire for females. The kameez tightly hugs the hips and torso while the salwaar drapes the legs either in snake’s skin-like fashion or loosely bellowing around the legs while a flimsy doopatta (also regarded as urna which is a long scarf-like material worn to cover the modesty of a woman) hangs from the shoulder(s).

Modest yet sexy salwaar kameez designs

Modest salwar kameez with full sleeves look just as beautiful as sexy and revealing ones. In fact, some full sleeve and slightly lose salwar kameez looks even more majestic and royal than the skimpy ones as can be seen from the following pictures of salwar kameez designs which are very fashionable.

Sexy Lush Salwar Kameez designs
Pink Salwar Kameez

Sexy Salwar Kameez designs
beautiful salwar kameez

Lush Salwar Kameez designs
beautiful pink salwar kameez with jewels 

Sexy and Lush Salwar Kameez
green salwar kameez

Sexy and Lush Salwar Kameez designs
Gorgeous full sleeve salwar kameez in maroon

pak Lush Salwar Kameez designs
Beautiful back neck in yellow embellished salwar 

Sexy and Lush Salwar Kameez designs

Salwar kameez has moved very far from what it used to be when they were first worn. They were worn in a way to hide the curves of a woman’s body while in the present days they are worn in a way to reveal or accentuate all the feminine attributes to its fullest. Some kameezes resemble mini-dresses worn in the Western world. Kameezes come in various different styles including sleeveless kameez, one shoulder kameez, tank-top style kameez, halter neck kameez, anarkali style kameez, etc. Their length also varies, some reaches the ankles while the others are as short as t-shirts. Some kameezes are lose while other embrace the body as a second skin. Following are some beautiful and sexy pictures of different styles of salwar kameez as worn by females all over the world.

anarkali salwar kameez

Modest sexy salwaar kameez designs

Modest salwaar kameez designs

sexy salwaar kameez designs

Modest sexy salwaar kameez

beautiful salwar kameez

beautiful salwar kameez sexy

very beautiful salwar kameez

beautiful pink salwar kameez

salwar kameez in maroon

Gorgeous full sleeve salwar kameez

full sleeve salwar kameez

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