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Stylish Types Of Shoes For Men Fashion

Shoes For Men
When it comes to shoes for men, there isn’t much of a variety as compared to women's shoes.
Men's clothing in general is simple and so are the types of shoes for men. But that doesn't mean that men's shoes are less stylish and there is only a small variety available.
In fact there are many types of shoes available for men ranging from formal to casual to athletic. These shoes come in different designs and are made of many different materials.
Below given are popular types of shoes for men.

Stylish Dress Shoes Fashion 

Dress shoes are designed specifically for formal wear and as the name suggests, are worn with a dress suit.
Mostly dress shoes for men are made of either leather or suede and are mostly black, brown or gray in color. Dress shoes are simple and may or may not have laces.
A black pair of dress shoes is a must for every man's wardrobe as they pretty much go along with dress suits of all colors. Mostly they are worn under dress suits on events such as funerals, weddings, formal dinners and formal parties.
Some common types of men dress shoes include: loafers, oxfords, slip-on and wing tips. While choosing a pair of dress shoes one must be careful to choose the most versatile and stylish pair of shoes as they are a very important element of men's formal attire.

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Stylish Sport Shoes Fashion 

These shoes, as the name suggests are the shoes made specifically for sports. These are special shoes which are worn by professional sports players and athletes. But apart from these people common men should also have a pair of such shoes for walking and participating in occasional sports activities as almost all men love to play some kind of outdoor sport.
Sport shoes are highly durable and strong shoes which have a really nice grip on the foot. There is a large variety of sport shoes which are made specifically for different types of sports.
For example soccer shoes which have spikes underneath the outer sole allowing the athlete to have a firm grip with the ground. Of all the other types of sport shoes running shoes are the most versatile as they are ideal for running and can be used on tracks or on gym floors.

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Latest Style Sandals Men Fashion

Sandals are another very popular and commonly used type of shoes for men. Unlike the above mentioned types which completely cover the foot, these shoes are open from the front and are more casual.
Sandals have one or more straps on the top which join the both sides of the shoe. One of the strap runs around the ankle to cover the back of the foot. Sandals are also called summer shoes as they are very comfortable and ideal to be worn during the summers. Sandals go best with shorts and jeans. Another name for sandals is beach shoes as they are the most convenient form of foot wear on a beach.
Sandals are very comfortable to wear and are quite versatile of all the the different types of men's shoes, as they come in various styles and designs. They are also a must have in every man's wardrobe.

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Stylish Sneakers Men fashion

Sneakers are mostly popular among young boys and teenagers. These are very trendy and casual looking shoes which cover the entire foot and have laces which are long and run towards the end of the shoe.
Sneakers are made of fabric and are white at the toe while the sides can be blue, black or of any other color. Sneakers are ideal to be worn with jeans and come under the category of casual shoes. They can be worn on parties, lunches, normal gathering or as daily casual footwear. Sneakers are the coolest of all the above mentioned types of shoes.

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Stylish Boots Latest Men Fashion 

Boots are yet another famous type of men’s shoes. Boots can be both formal and informal and are stronger and durable than dress shoes. Basically boots are made for men working in tough terrains as they are made with high strength material and keeping durability in mind. Boots can be worn with jeans on many occasions, whether on work or not.
A large variety boots is available in the market but generally all boots are either made of leather or suede and are always laced. Common types of boots include: the famous cowboy boots, ankle boots, work boots and heavy-lace up boots.
Where as work boots are the strongest boots made exclusively for outdoor labor, ankle boots and heavy lace-up boots are perfect for hiking and camping. Due to their durability boots are ideal for any sort of an out door activity.

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