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Beautiful Bridal Jewelry Designs

Jewelry Designs
Wedding is something so dear to a girl’s heart that its significance need not be explained. A wedding is not just about finding the right partner and choosing the venue and deciding on a wedding date. There is a lot more to it, especially for the bride. Deciding on what kind of bridal jewelry the bride should wear on her wedding day is one of the crucial matters that need to be decided. It is understood that people have moved far from the era when the brides would wear all the jewellery in her possession and end up looking like a complete cow in the hut all dressed up! Brides are more conscious of the concept of wearing jewellery that complements their bridal outfit. Sometimes even a single harmonized piece of wedding jewellery is all that a bride needs to look fantastic!

Beautiful Bridal Jewellery Set

For the bride to look like a complete South Asian Bride a number of jewelries are a must. The bride must wear a Tikli/Tikka, a nose ring (large) with a chain and optionally a Jhapta or ShitaPati. These pieces of jewelries add a certain charm to these brides. I have added photographs of various types of Tikli, nose ring and Jhapta. If you like any particular design, you may print them out and direct your goldsmith to craft them for you.
Wearing Red on your wedding day may seem to be a common occurrence but I find that the colour red gives a Bride a sense of true beauty and tradition. Wearing gold Bridal jewelry with green kundans looks great with red saree or lahenga.

Gold set

bridal gold design

unique Red and Green on Gold

unique Red and Green Gold

Pearl and stone necklace

Gold necklace design

Nose Ring or Noth
Nose Ring
Nose Ring or Noth

Tikli or Tikka
Tikli or Tikka

Tikli Tikka

Other Jewelleries

beautiful gold jewelry

amazing bridal jewelry

collection of bridal jewellery

Wedding Bridal Jewelry

Bridal Jewelry gold

fashion Jewelry


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