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beautiful latest Lehenga Style Sarees for wedding

lehenga style saree
The Lehenga style Saree is normally 4.5 meters to 5.5 meters long. The method of draping it is quite simple; in fact it is easier than draping a regular Saree. The plain end of the Saree is tucked into the in skirt, making one complete round, similar to wearing a regular Saree. At this point, pleats are formed in a regular Saree whereas when it comes to a Lehenga Style Saree, one continues to tuck in without making any pleats. Here the pleats are replaced with embellished gotas or panels at the front, which imparts a flared silhouette that is characteristic of a Lehenga Style Saree. Finally, the pallu is draped over the shoulder like a regular Saree.

The only difference between a Lehenga style Saree and a regular Saree is that it does not require pleats to be formed at the front. An in skirt and a blouse are indispensable items of clothing that have to be included with this sari. Not all Lehenga Saris are designed in the same way. Few of these saris come with side hooks too. All one need to do is hook it up so that it fits snugly around the waist.

Both, Lehenga Style Sari and ready-made Lehenga Sari, are paired with a blouse that is equivalent to the Choli, as in a Lehenga Choli. While a Lehenga Choli comes with a matching dupatta, the pallu of this Sari acts as the dupatta. This dramatic and sensuously stylish drape would be perfect for Evening parties and semi formal occasions which demand lots of glitz and glamour.

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Lehenga style sarees are readymade sarees which are the current fashion trend. The sari has been subjected to various stages of metamorphoses, so to speak, that make it more fun and interesting. Pre stitched pleats and pallus, ruching, ruffles, etc add a contemporary touch to this traditional wear. Stylish readymade saris act as a convenient alternative to the more conventional sari. But of all the alternatives, what has really caught the eye is the fashionable Lehenga Style Saree.

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Reasons that make this outfit the hottest trend nowadays are its flattering silhouette, convenience and contemporary appeal. A regular sari requires pleats to be formed at the waist, whereas in a lehenga style sari the pleats are replaced with ornately embellished panels or godets, adding drama to this drape. It has to be draped just like a sari by tucking into the in skirt. The only difference is, that unlike a sari you do not have to form pleats but simply 'tuck and drape'. At times, the design and styling of this outfit also determines the way it should be draped.

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