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Sweat Shirt Slim Fit Hoodies in Fashion

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Slim Fit Hoodies
Hoodies have become an ubiquitous part of fashion. From the very high end to work wear the hoodie has elevated itself to icon status. Almost any closet you look into, you might find a variety of trusty go to hoodies. Slim fit hoodies have eased into a niche part of many wardrobes.
Slim fit is generally cut closer to the body for a more body conscious silhouette. For women this type of cut may include features such as shaped seams, princess seams and stretchy fabrics. For men the cuts tend to run more tapered with less shaping to fit the contours of the male torso.
This type of fit can be an essential and comfortable layering piece for any wardrobe.
Look for hoodies made in comfortable thinner breathable materials that allow room for a shirt underneath and are thin enough to pair with jackets or sweaters during cold weather. With the addition of a slim fit hoodie, it is incredibly easy to help stay comfortable no matter what the weather.

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This style of hooded top can also be an invaluable part of a work wardrobe. Many people work in environments where they have no control over the ambient temperature of the room. For those who work around a lot of computer equipment a slim fit hoodie can be just the thing to keep around the office to stay comfortable. A hoodie made out of thinner more lightweight material can pack easily into a drawer or be tucked into a bag.

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For styling cues, look for pieces that fit close to your body but not overly tight. If when zipped or fastened, there should not be pull or tension marks across the chest or bust. To ensure that a hoodie is long enough in the torso, when trying it on raise your arms and check to make sure the bottom edge does not ride higher than you are comfortable with.


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