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Beauty of woman Keep Your Breast Beautiful

breast beautiful naturally
The shape of breast is a gift from god. Beauty of a woman many times increases by the shape of her breast. It is a matter of attraction to man. Woman should protect and proper maintenance is required to keep a breast firm and beautiful.
Here I have discussed some major tips to keep your breast firm and beautiful under the following heads:
Healthy Foods
Healthy food habit is required to keep your body as well as breast beautiful naturally. Other than healthy foods some specific foods required to keep breast beautiful. Breast food are such food which contain important nutrient called phytoestrogen that help in shaping breast beautiful and firm. Regular intake is required for such food in diet chart. Source of animal estrogen are offal, sea foods etc. and plant estrogen source are soya beans, green beans, durian, beans sprouts, tofu etc. Food rich in collagen and fats make breast more firm, elastic and vibrant and source of it are raw steamed unsalted peanut, almond, sesame seed, cashew nut etc. Consuming vitamin C enrich foods or supplements prevents deformation of breast.

Avoiding Weight Fluctuation
Choose a proper size bra that could support your breast in a comfortable way. Oversize and undersize could lose its beauty. The size of breast changing with time and weight and you must try to concern about the bra size. As larger the size of it and it ask for more protections. Woman performing sports should use special sports bras from sports stores to avoid sagging.

girl proper size bra

Exercise, Swimming, massage and Posture
Isometric exercise helps to keep your breast uplifted.
Swimming can strengthen your pectoral muscles and make your breast firm and beautiful but avoid crawl and butterfly strokes that on the other hand gives extra strain to your breast.
Massage helps in improving blood circulation. Exfoliate daily to keep breast smooth and firm. Gently massage in circular motion to increase blood circulation and promote breast firmness.
Posture effect sagging of breast. Pull your shoulders back to straighten your back. Large breasted women tends to bend forward and which thereby compounding the sagging effect.

make your breast beautiful
make your breast firm and beautiful

Bath factor
You must avoid hot baths if you want to keep your breast beautiful. Heat can have adverse effects on your breasts and make your breasts tissue softer. Shower with cold water, the vaso-constructive effect stimulates blood micro circulation and cell exchanges.
All women should be concerned about their beauty of their breast and if they follow the steps discussed they should be really benefited with a firm beautiful attractive breast for a long time before their old age.

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