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Techniques For Large Breast Implants

Many years ago only the wealthy and famous women under went breast implants. The days have turned and now the mom next door can and do undergo breast surgery. Why? Technology allows women to make safer choices to improve their looks.

Technology allows women

It used to be that only a few daring women would even consider breast augmentation even if their body contour could really stand to improve from it. That was because in many of its phases, the process of getting large breast implants posed dangers.

Manually Planning the Shape and Size of the Implant had Disadvantages
Before the advent of computer imaging, cosmetic surgeons had to rely on dummy breasts of different sizes and shapes to determine the proportions which would be ideal for their clients. Evaluating the breasts was also based on the visual perception of the patient and the administering surgeon. Because of inaccuracies inherent in unmeasured physical evaluation, patients would occasionally end up with breasts that they had not envisioned for themselves.
But then, of course, by the time the surgery was done, it became extremely impractical to undo it and start all over again. As a result, a woman could do nothing but humor herself into wearing her new breasts and hope that in time they would assume the dimensions and the orientation that she had always wanted, in the first place.
Her only other option was to have the implant drained out and redone. But to redo the surgery using the same evaluation methods was running the risk of double jeopardy, something that many were not disposed to do.
And so, because of inaccurate planning, large breast implants earned the reputation for being grotesque creations more appropriate for inspiring mild ridicule than for eliciting admiration.

Large Breast Implants

Imaging Techniques Make It Possible to Get Aesthetically Pleasing Dimensions for Large Breast Implants
Today, thanks to the developments in computer imaging, it becomes possible for a woman to view an accurate preview of the many ways that her augmented breasts can possibly look after surgery. In brief, modern women have a wider range of breast shapes, orientations and sizes to select from.
The images are presented in silhouette or realistic 3d images that can be rotated and angled in order for the client to have a comprehensive picture of the results of the procedure.
This has effectively eliminated the chance for recriminations and regrets on the part of the client after the implant is in place, and may account for the increasing popularity of large breast implants among women today.

Large Breast Implants

Better Techniques for Infusing the Implant
The ‘scalpel’ techniques for large breast implants that were standard procedure in the past have improved, albeit at a turtle’s pace. But such things always take time to kick off to a good start. And with today’s the state of technology implanting seems poised to take that milestone first step towards respectability.
Specifically, the newest technique for introducing the implant material into the body is via the nipples. Cosmetic surgeons can better target the area to be infused through the nipples. Additionally, the chances of the implant migrating to undesirable areas are also minimized. Finally, on top of the minimal laceration, the scars on the nipples heal very quickly.

large breast implants posed dangers

Green Implant Substances Recycling Fat
What should really perk up the ears of women everywhere is the fact that a technique for using the woman’s own excess fat cells to augment her breasts is currently the latest trend in large breast implants. The process amounts to ‘double kill’ with a single surgical treatment. Adipose tissues are removed from where they shouldn't be to where they should be; i.e., from the hips to the breasts (for instance). So say goodbye to synthetics.

Recycling Fat breast

Thousands of women are in line for treatment today. Shouldn't you be thinking more seriously now about those voluptuous breasts that you always wanted?

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